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Doors and Windows

Artistic Door & Window Fine Art Photography
Take a step closer and lose yourself


Doors intrigue me not only because of the rhythm of life that they've witnessed, but because of the mystery that now lies within.  Doors reveal something of the personality of the dwellers.  Doors and windows beckon us to come inside and discover their secrets.  They tease us with a suggestion - a sentence that's started but not completed.

The door is the focal point of a home, and the home is the essence of our lives.  The home is the cocoon into which we retreat at the end of a long day.  It's where we love, laugh, cry, reflect, pray and go about the day-to-day business of living.

If you could urge words from these silent sentries, the stories they could tell!  Yet they stand, frozen in space and time, with a simple charge: to welcome, to protect, to be a gateway from one world to another.

I've always seen myself as a curious outsider - a nonconformist - so it seems only natural that in my work, I should seek out those things that also do not conform.  When I search for doors and windows, I look for that soul, that personality and essence of a structure, that is uniquely its own.  I seek out a story, told through color, through design, through the minute detail.

I regret that through my travels I've seen so much sameness in the world.  As we become a global society, as fads come and go, we're in danger of losing the uniqueness of our architecture and our cultures.  We forsake individuality in favor of practicality.

My hope is that by capturing these images, I will preserve their essence and beauty for all time.

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Take a step closer and lose yourself


While most of my work is very literal, there is a side to me that likes to be playful and daring.  During my college studies, I took many courses in black and white photography.  While I appreciate the simplicity and the beauty of black and white, I have to confess that I'm addicted to color.  The brighter the better!  One day I recall going through old boxes of prints and negatives, and stumbling across some of my work in black and white.  I found myself appreciating the composition and subject matter, but noting that the images could be improved if they just had a touch of  color.  I wondered what would happen if I introduced complementary colors by using the negative as a canvas and introducing a palate of colored dyes.

As I soon learned, this technique requires a great deal of trial and error. Once the photographic dye is applied to the emulsion, you're at the point of no return.  The result is permanent.  I boldly experimented over months and years, dabbing the negative with paint brushes and Q-tips.  Over time, I perfected the technique that you see today, creating images that appear to be abstract paintings, rather than photographs.

Don't be fooled into thinking that all of my abstracts are painted though... I have taken nature's own carvings and danced with the lighting and shadows that are inherent and allowed them to manifest themselves on the film that now makes your mind race.  Is that a real photograph?  I trust that my abstracts will appeal to your playful and unconventional imagination as well.

There is another chapter to this story.  I recently came across a treasure of black and white photographs that were taken by my grandfather, Zoltan Karpati, who was born in Budapest, Hungary.  My grandfather studied at the academy of fine arts in Hungary as well as "La Sarbona" in Paris.  At one time he was considered one of the top cinematographers in Europe.

After immigrating to Venezuela, Zoltan managed a movie theatre and opened his own photo studio.  Zoltan Karpati was inspired by the intense light and refreshing landscapes of his new homeland.  He died in 1956 in an accident while doing what he loved, producing a film about Venezuela.  I have been so inspired by his work, I plan to turn some of my grandfather's black and white photographs into abstract art, to remember his contributions and to honor the gift that he gave to his daughter's first born son.

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Take a step closer and lose yourself


My goal in photographing landscapes and vistas is to take familiar subjects and present them in a way that is breathtakingly unique, through use of light, color, texture, foreground, and angle of presentation.  

How many rolls of Kodak film have been used by tourists from around the globe to shoot the Grand Canyon?  A frustrating task, to be capture the beauty and immensity of such a landmark on a tiny negative.  How to photograph it in such a way that hasn't been seen before?  That is my challenge.

I do my best work when I take the time to get to know a place.  We've all seen tourists who drive from overlook to overlook along the Grand Canyon, snapping away regardless of time of day, invariably disappointed that the result never quite lives up to the memory.  They're so busy shooting that I have to resist the urge to suggest they put the camera away and just experience the view.  Once you know the subject, then you work from your heart.  I will visit the same place over and over again, at different times of day, during all of the seasons, and under variable weather conditions.  This requires time, patience, and a hint of insanity.  The secret is to create opportunities for "magic" to occur. 

That "one in a million" photograph that I achieve is not just the result of dumb luck, though that certainly plays a part.  I'm more like a hunter, stalking prey.  I'll scour books, maps, and magazines for ideas.  Then I camp out near my subject, waking at ridiculous hours and climbing trees or cliffs to find unusual angles or foreground.  I often return to my tent disappointed.  But every so often, the gods of light will smile upon me and reward my efforts with a lightning bolt, a rainbow, an afterglow, or beams of light that make my heart sing. 

I sometimes have a sense when I'm shooting that I'm capturing something really incredible.  Yet there are also countless times when I've waited to process my film - full of anticipation like a child on Christmas morning - and the results will be quite unlike what I expected.  The images that I thought would be good may be mundane, while there may be one "sleeper" in the batch that is astonishingly beautiful.  Though I've been photographing for years, I find that there is no formula for perfection.  It truly is an art, not a science.

I hope that you will be reminded of the beauty and diversity of God's creation through my work.  I pray that this appreciation will lead to greater awareness of our fragile ecosystems and to more efforts to preserve these wonders for future generations.

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New Images

Take a step closer and lose yourself


This collection contains our newest images. We are excited to bring you the latest imagery from Louis' travels.

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Take a step closer and lose yourself


Our panoramic gallery is one of the newest collections we offer online. This gallery presents a more striking look at what the artist's eye sees.

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Under Construction

Take a step closer and lose yourself


We have recently added this new gallery of images.

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