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louis cantillo - fine art photography I hope that you can find your way through my maze of photos from the beautiful Southwest (where I live) to Colonial Mexico, tropical Costa Rica, Caribbean and Hawaii, to Old World Europe and Israel! As you can see, I am inspired by colorful places and old world architecture, as well as "moody" skies and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. These are all real places and if you have been to these wonderful destinations or are inspired to go, you will feel as "if you are there" when you stand in front of my artwork...and that is my intention. Memories stay with us for life and my artwork will last a lifetime!

I am now offering my images on metal, with a glossy finish, ready to hang on the wall with a very low profile. In this format, the images look more like photos and less like paintings, and definitely bring a more contemporary perspective. If you are interested in this process and would like to order a piece in metal, please email me. Thank you.

Bon Voyage!
Louis Cantillo
We invite you to visit ALL of the fine art photography galleries available on this website. All of these stunning images are available for purchase. Some of the images (Under Construction) are still being fine-tuned, but are nevertheless available. If you have a specific size requirement or are unable to place your order online (for whatever reason), please feel free call the office to discuss, and of course place your order! Please note that we do not offer framed pieces. If you are interested in a collage, you will need to call the office to discuss.
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